Asterix Tourism Services is a Registered Jamaican company based in Whitehouse, Westmoreland. Our trademark is providing high quality, complete Hospitality and Tourism services for Luxury Travelers, as well as Property Development services and Corporate Clients. We will customize and personalize your dream vacation, so when you dream it, we will give it. We will take your dream from thought to finish.

Asterix Tourism Services will source the best of prime property for your development needs, and because we are committed to excellence, we will also take care of all permits and paperwork, provide the best in employees, undertake construction and present to you the finished product.


Our mission is to develop and promote authentic sustainable and unique travel experiences which will bring the greatest possible benefit to the travelers, the Jamaicans and the local businesses whilst minimizing the environmental impact and respecting the culture and the people of Jamaica. We work with local partners who like us, aim for responsible tourism.


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